Friday, October 26, 2007


Once, Mr. T joined forces with Chuck Norris to fight crime. All criminals in the known universe were instantly vaporized by the sheer awesomeness of their Mohawk/Mullet combination. Afterwards, Mr. T created Vin Diesel using a welder and a 55 gallon drum, but left him bald so that he could not challenge their hairdo supremacy.

The Grand Canyon was created when Mr. T mourned the passing of Chuck Norris' mullet. Embarassed, Mr. T established the theory of erosion.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thundering Herd Style

We are.....mullet wearers!

This Marshall (Huntington, WV) fan proudly sports his green and his mullet on a street corner near the stadium.

Maybe he was trying to channel the rugged blonde looks of Matthew McC, who somewhat recently spent time in Huntington filming that movie, you know. Maybe he confused "rugged" with "fluffy" and "Matty Mac" with "sanitation engineer."

I'm sure there is a Mountaineer Mullet somewhere in answer to the Marshall Mullet. The difference is, a Mountaineer Mullet will never be intentional. A Mountaineer Mullet is either going to be an ironic statement or a drunken mistake. Either way, a Marshall fan wouldn't get it.

"Keep it long in the back..."

It's always nice to find a salon that cuts your hair the way you like.

It's not so nice to put your stylist in the position of giving you a mullet.

The client is always right
Friends don't let friends wear mullets.

You decide.