Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rocktober, Free-Fall, and our Triumphant Return

Appalachia's Best Mullets wishes to apologize for its long hiatus. We're back, and ready to finish out the rest of Rocktober with all new samples of the bitchinest mullets east of the Mississippi. We missed you too.

During our sabbatical, the economic downturn of the past few years turned into an all out free-fall. Hard times have befallen many of us, and lots of people are scratching their heads thinking, "How can I cut costs?" Often, professional hair care and expensive entertainment are the first items to be slashed from a family's budget. For our friends who do business up front and party in the back, these aren't sacrifices, they are a way of life. Can't afford an entire haircut? OK, then just have them take a little off the front. It has to be cheaper that way, right? Looking for cheap entertainment? Grab your camera and head to one of the huge number of fall festivals throughout Appalachia. Rather than become mired in depression about economic freefall, ponder instead what you can do for free this fall.

One intrepid on-site reporter frolicked at the Forest Festival in Elkins, WV recently. See for yourself what kind of good times can be had.

A Mullet for All Seasons
With his flexible wardrobe (including Jorts! Bonus!) and multi-length hair, accessorized by one bottled beverage and one bottle in which to reposit spittle from his smokeless tobacco, the Mullet for All Seasons is ready for anything...anything that could happen at the Forest Festival anyway.

a Twofer
These guys eat together, travel together, hunt together, and I bet anything they'll vote together for Sarah Palin.

The Mood Elevator
No seasonal affective disorder or economic woes for this gal! If hair that soars this close to Jesus doesn't elevate your spirits, at least the fumes from all that AquaNet will getcha a double-super-buzz. Amen sister and pass the pumpkin butter!

ahhhhh. It's good to be back.