Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Myrtl-Let: A Mullet Vacation

Ah, the beach. The sun, the sand, the salty breezes...and the perfect beach haircut.
We had to research the proper genus and species for this one. Dano provided the following help:

Found primarily along the southeastern United States shoreline during winter months, the Myrtl-let is almost always found mated to a Gargantu-let, preens constantly in velour jump-suits, and will become belligerent and violent after cocktail-umbrella drinks.

This particular Myrtl-Let was sighted in Florida. Their migratory patterns depend largely on their state of origin; for example the West Virginia Myrtl-Let rarely, if ever, travels further south than the beach which gives the species its name. Strangely your northernmost Myrtl-Lets are the ones that typically end up in Florida.

The Myrtl-Let, like the very tides of the oceans, is ever-changing in texture, length, form, thickness, and overall mood. We like this combination of long bangs, long wisps in the back, with the utilitarian near-buzz cut in between. Fickle as the sand and salt spray, no beach vacation is complete without the Myrtl-Let.

Special thanks to JDF, Jr. for photo editing and to ABJ, who is in no way related to the Myrtl-Let, for the picture.

Oh, and if you were wondering? From our little test up there?

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Taking it easy — that's how you prefer to handle whatever comes your way. Like a cool, blended rum runner, you like to keep a delicate balance between the sweet and sour things in life. Calm and collected, you're up for anything your friends throw your way, from joining a book club or taking an art class to trying every cocktail in your cookbook.

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